We use diamond as a symbol for our culture.

Like each diamond is worthy, we consider everyone as worthy. Small and big, shiny and rough, colourless and colourful, modest and eye-catching. From this noncompetitive starting point, we discover, unleash and enjoy talents and passions.

We are transparent and honest. We take courage to embrace our weaknesses and imperfections, face the truth and cut the crap.

A diamond is thé ultimate and timeless gift to show your beloved that they are very precious to you and worthy to give your all. We choose to share and care generously. It defines our strength.

Transforming a rough diamond into a desirable brilliant requires serious courage, time and focus. Determined we keep our eyes on the prize. Chasing our dreams.

After all, each diamond is just carbon. To glitter and shine, it needs external craftsmanship and a source of light. We keep our feet firmly on the ground.

dream Team

“Small in size, but big on innovation” applies to our dream team of extraordinary, no box thinking freebirds. We are gifted with a creative and novelty seeking nature, together with the ability to instantly connect the dots in our extended network. This results in great ideas and a lot of fun.


Without our partners, we would be a dream team without impact. Only through our partners our dreams and innovations come alive. As team we are strong, flexible and able to provide worthy pop-up solutions. Please check our Pinterest inspiration board to see a tip of the iceberg.

Base camp

As extraordinary freebirds, we do not perform optimally in regular, caged organisations. We just need to fly, create, try, discover, release energy and be connected with nature. For that, we are creating a dynamic, green base camp that boosts our creativity, knowledge and network and simultaneously serves as pop-up solutions experience center.

Home town

As a complete new city, popped up from reclaimed land, our hometown Lelystad is thé ultimate pop-up hotspot. From the bottom of the drained sea, we continue to chase ambitious dreams that make a change, by pioneering and next level innovation. Creating attractive pop-up environments out of nothing. Making the impossible possible.

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